This website has been produced by tusp following a review into planning and changes that often occur late in either the planning or delivery process. Working groups within the industry were asked the following; Planning is often identified as a causal factor in accidents and incidents, however what exactly ‘failed’ can often be unclear

    Areas to be considered include:
  • Having adequate time and resource to plan and putting a freeze of change (design, methodology, sequencing etc.) at a given point prior to the activity
  • Change occurring and laying dormant and undetected until the actual work takes place
  • Having appropriate change control processes that assess the impact of the change
  • Involving the right people in the planning process – how often does the supervisor or tradesman get asked to contribute

The working group made up of leading industry leaders developed several solutions to reduce the impact of change and improve the overall planning expertise in the industry, however the question was then raised how do we get these solution out into the industry, which is where the ‘Planning Toolkit’ was developed.

This site is free and should be a one stop shop to improving your planning experience within the Railway environment.

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